Monday, April 4, 2011

The Pier

all tops and necklace: charlotte russe, skirt: F21 and bracelets, shoes: Urban Outfitters
Took these photos the other day with my brother to test out a new camera he had. We decided to go to the pier not to far from where we grew up as kids. We used to walk down there to get bamboo and play on the pier or in the sand. There's alot of great memories there (it's where Justin and I had our first kiss!).
It's not the prettiest place, but I love all the driftwood that washes up and the sound of seagulls is one of my favorites. This is home to me and I'll always love it.

We also found these stilts from a house that got washed away from Katrina it also had a pool (which was gross).

My brothers and I used to go down there at night to hang out (I seem to remember a potato launcher somewhere in there lol). I used to go down there and paint, it's a place that calms me no matter what. It's the best place to be alone and think or write. After Hurricane Katrina I was so sad the whole pier blew down, but within 2 years they had rebuilt it better and bigger than before.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :)