Monday, August 24, 2015

Closing Chapters, Starting New Ones

Time has flown! I'm finding the true meaning of this more and more. I'm realizing that doing the things I say/want to do needs to happen NOW instead of this ambiguous "in the future".  I'm starting to close a chapter that I started almost five years ago with school and thinking about that made me truly come to terms that LIFE really does happen. It gets chaotic and busy. Changes occur and with all my best intentions, years fly by and now I am in a completely different place in life (uh hello wife and mother!). Those goals I held so tightly to, and claimed nothing could deter me, had sort of faded with their intensity. And while other goals may have replaced them, when I finally came up for air I realized I have some unfinished business. Things that need to be completed for me to move ever onward.

So I'm taking those steps. And it's really not to late. I just took the long way getting there.

While I feel somewhat like I've made a HUGE step backwards, sometimes I need to retrace my steps to finally go in the direction I want to go.
Almost seems counter-intuitve, but I feel so good about finishing these old goals. Finish a chapter while subsequently starting a new one. Seems like this will be a season of re-evaluating exactly where I want to go, both with my life and within my art. 

That whole "in the future" is actually right now.