Saturday, October 15, 2016

Life and Pottery

Thought I'd do a little photo round up of how life has been lately. I feel as though I've hit a creative hurricane and I'm furiously pouring myself into clay and making pots. Which feels refreshing and familiar. Part of my fervor is due to a count down to baby number 2's arrival.
Baby #2! Another baby boy coming at the end of January. We are in a state of transition.

Feels pretty surreal. But honestly I think this time around I'm truly savoring the waiting time knowing that all to soon it'll change into something a bit less familiar. I'm tapping into a creative fuel which helps me push past the exhausted times of chasing a toddler and being 24 weeks pregnant and still making things that give me peace and rest. Here lately, it's been nothing but clay. Throwing bowls and mugs (and whatever else comes up), feeling happy knowing how they will be used in an everyday capacity. Even the trial and error of glazing and firing again isn't as frustrating because I like to be learning.

My current workspace is tiny. Literally an old kitchen that needs to be torn out. But give me space, no matter how small, and I'll make it work. We artists are resourceful people.  


Making bowls at 12 weeks
 All about the process. 



I'll have another new batch out sometime this week! More of these glazes as well as some new ones too.