Friday, March 11, 2016

Checking in with Goals and Getting a Little Sktchy

So from my last post back in January I shared some goals and I'm happy to say I feel as though I've worked towards them in various ways! My time management has gotten better (still not there but progress!). I've really paired down the things I commit too these days and I make sure to finish the things I'm responsible for first before starting any new projects.
Still no new adventures planned but there's plenty of time for that this year. And the pottery part is still in the works but I'm itching to get my hands covered in clay again soon!

Lastly I've really stuck to a much more consistent practice with my artwork. For those who follow me on Instagram (@theartistcatie) I've been using a great app called Sktchy that has really motivated me to paint daily AND work on painting better portraits in watercolor. Basically people get on and post photos of themselves/other people and artists take that photo as inspiration and create a work of art based on it. It's a really fun low key, no pressure way to try out new techniques and get feedback on whatever you post. If you want to try it out I'm under Catie Daniel on the app (sorry its only for iPhone users as of now, but check it out here: Sktchy App)

This one is my favorite of the bunch!

 I've realized that sometimes I've got to create work simply because I enjoy it, not for any other reason (a show or commission for example). I've noticed how much that recharges me. As a mom doing something creative just for myself gives me my sanity (haha) because I do so much for my family. It's amazing to have that "me" time when Jude is sleeping and these small watercolor portraits are quick enough that I can finish them in one sitting.

 As a bonus when Jude wakes up I have all my paints out and we play. Some how he has turned watercolor into finger paint, which is fun and easy to clean. I love introducing him to creative play at such a young age!

Here's a little video of Jude painting all by himself!