Saturday, November 5, 2011

Autumn, the only time leaves are flowers too

All photos taken by me.
1. Sketching trees
2. Moxie enjoying fall
3. Outfit from last week
4. Butterflies attracted to the plants in my yard
5. Autumn spread 
6. Fire pit with family
7. Progress on my painting
8. Sweet gum tree, from when I was plein airing
9. Father-in-law's old 68' Ford Galaxie

Yeah it's been awhile. I've been painting and working. Feels like I'm perpetually inspired. Mostly by other artists, they do the same thing I do and yet have completely different results. Entered a local art show and walked the aisles of the wide range and variety of work and wondered in amazement how each piece differed from the next. And lately I've been truly thinking about where my place is within the art realm. What is it I want to do? To say? Where do I want to go with it?

LOTS of questions. But I'm ok with that, I need to just paint. To work. And let the work speak for itself. "It's enough that it is."