Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Outfit Post!

While this remains somewhat of an artist/art blog I still want to post daily outfit shots (and in my case not-so-daily lol). So here it goes!
Wore this the other day to lunch with my husband (those are Olive Garden leftovers yummmm). I wanted something pretty casual and warm seeing as how all of a sudden the weather decided to get cold for the day, and I say for the day because the next day it was hot and now it's turned cold again, curse you Mississippi weather! I know my "landscaping" is quite pitiful but I was told by my brother-in-law that cutting back our crazy over grown bushes will cause them to grow back beautifully.
cardigan: target, vest: charlotte russe, scarf: rue 21, shirt: rue21, necklace: thrifted, jeans: charlotte russe, shoes: rocketdog

photos by my husband who actually hates taking them haha
I decided to chop all my hair off last Tuesday and I'm loving it! So much less work than it was and I even got to donate some of it to pink heart (kinda like locks of love) never cut off enough to donate before but I was in the mood for something drastic! Who knows what I may do with color, I have been thinking...haha
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I definitely did. :)


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! Also, that scarf is so pretty.