Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas in the City

So this past weekend has been jam packed and so much fun! To start, Saturday, my friend Christina and I did the Christmas festival called Christmas in the City. We set up a booth and sold pottery, Christmas wreaths, homemade soap and my paintings. Here's a few of the ornaments/gift tags I was also selling:

These were so easy and fun to make!

Saturday morning I loaded all the paintings I had ready and set up. I had a bunch of 8x10 pears and oranges, just little painting doodles. The pottery is Christina's (isn't she amazing??)

this was my favorite wreath

 I only sold one painting (the one in the last picture) the one with the sad eyes. But oh well. It was fun, got to hang out with artsy friends and sit around all day drinking this hot German wine drink that reminded me of wassail (Christina and her family are German). There were a lot of booths there but maybe not a lot of people? Christina sold soap and pottery and a wreath so I guess it made the day worth while.
It finally feels like Christmas here on the coast. There's a cold front and I'm enjoying it! Justin and I broke out his fire pit and we drank hot coffee and sat around while he smoked his tobacco pipe.
Expect a long post soon about my trip to New Orleans!

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