Friday, May 25, 2012

We Are The Desirable People

We are the desirable people
The dreamers and fighters of things unseen
The believers of the world
and the lovers who love hard
and don't give up
The workers of jobs we hate
while we strive everyday to make or break
To stand still is to die
We've got the wanderlust 
the feet that need to go
and be about the world
to feel and hurt but to grow
We are the inspired
The fly-ers
The hopeful,
The beautiful,
The makers and the buyers
We are the artists, the musicians, 
the creators, the singers and writers
We work hard for but a taste of what we crave
These dreams are costly and they take more from us 
than we can give
Our world loves us yet we don't belong
We are the undercurrent 
Appreciated but not valued
Loved but not needed
We carve our own place
We push through our own way
We are the desirable people
Yet we cannot live


  1. I love this:).

    Lately, I have a major case wanderlust. I'd love to drop everything and just go...anywhere!

    Thank you for sharing. It's exactly how I feel in this moment.


    1. haha thanks! A lot of this stems from struggling as an artist to pursue what we want to do (travel, create, paint, photograph, etc.) versus what will actually pay the bills, and how society sees us as a glamorous type of people and admire the things we do and yet, "we cannot live".
      Thanks for reading my ramblings haha

  2. oh my goodness - you wrote this? i love it even more now!
    i struggle very much with having to work my day job to pay the bills, yet be so drawn to a living a complete and total creative/ artful life - where my studio is my office (in my dreams!). i'm with ya, girl!