Thursday, October 4, 2012

En Plein Air

Yesterday my husband and I took a spur of the moment drive to one of our favorite spots on the coast. An old lighthouse in Biloxi where people go to fish and there's tons of birds. He decided he wanted to do some reading. I decided to do some sketching so I thought I'd share what I bring along with me when I'm not painting in the studio.

For me, plein air painting [French- for open air painting] is all about relaxing and not necessarily achieving a perfect masterpiece. Mostly the sketches I start outside will be the smaller studies for larger pieces. But sometimes it's nice to just get out and be in the sun with your pencils and brushes.
Here's my array of watercolor brushes

Drawing pencils, sharpener, favorite pens (pilots), and sharpies

Bucket for water. Whenever I go sketching at the beach I never bring my own water but use salt water and let the salt work with my watercolors. 

To keep things simple I use a tray of watercolors instead of my usual tubes.

Watercolor pencils.

My bag to carry everything in.

And music, its sets the mood. 
I did a few rough drawings of some seagulls and herons, I'll definitely be going back hopefully next time I'll get to spend more time out there.


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    1. thanks! It was a pretty day to be outside sketching! I love plein air painting :)