Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Showers....

These last few days have been nothing but a torrential downpour here on the Gulf Coast and it looks like it will continue allllllllll week long.
Sadly, the weather makes me VERY unmotivated. I've got tons to work on, things to type up, website stuff research but all I want to is drink hot tea, binge watch Netflix and mindlessly surf the internet (or if I'm lucky take a nap, this is perfect napping weather).
So I figured I'd show off some sketchbooks I've been meaning to document. Here's one of my favorite altered sketchbooks, aptly named The Observer, seeing as how this book is filled with sketches of random people/places I've observed in various places (laundry mat, bars, a beach house, and lots and lots of coffeeshops). This book could possibly also be called my Time Waster book since usually that is what I'm doing when I drag it out to work in. (Oh yeah it happens to be a book about a fictional viking boy before I altered it, love some of the illustrations in it!)

Also here is a new watercolor sketchbook I received for Christmas that I'm really enjoying working in. It's panoramic layout poses a challenge when looking for a scene/subject matter. I kinda like how it forces me to change things up though.

Now to get on all that stuff I was procrastinating....


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